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Please all register at our new forum! (click here)
you can still reply to old topics here but cant open new threads!

I will transfer important posts soon :)

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Number of posts : 97
Age : 36
Chars : Nordri(darkRM), Austri(Paci), Ymir(Warrior), Metal Skald, Ucant SeeMe(Critblade), Aifur(supBD)
Registration date : 2008-01-13

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PostSubject: Guildrules   Guildrules Icon_minitimeSat Feb 16, 2008 3:43 pm

These are the rules you have to agree to join us

  • Speak english in guild chat!
  • Everyone has to follow the Server-rules, violations won't be tolerated.
  • Everyone has to stay up-to-date by visiting the forum regularly and look up if there have been changes or additions on the guildrules!
  • Our members have to be polite, friendly, willing to help and active - reasons for inactivity longer than 3 weeks should be told to leader or at least an officer (either by pm ingame, forum pm or mail to
  • we don't care of crossrealming1 or guildtwinking2 but won't accept greykilling3.
  • Let the leader and officers take care of your social-note ingame. This note includes your main chars name4 and crafting profession of that char.
  • The money in the guild deposit will be taken for guildhouse rents, crafting for guildmembers, etc.
  • Beggars are not welcome to us! Our guild provides enough help for a good start so nobody has to beg and therewith annoy other players!
  • Nobody has to wear our guild colors or emblem.
  • Flaming is inacceptable!
  • Priority of this guild is not RvR, we are about building a community, help each other and have fun! Everything else is a secondary good effect Smile
  • Every new member will at first have to absolve the 1-week-trial-period. Purpose of this is to see if the player is active and fits into our guild. After that ppl have to be helpful, useful or stuff - you have to do something for the community for gaining a higher rank in guild!

    • Rules for trial members
    • Trial members have access to all chat functions except officer chat of course. This includes guild r/w and alliance r/w (r=read, w=write) but will not have access to any guildvault and cannot wear our emblem!
    • Trial members get an addition into their social note. This is their date of promotion to fullmembership formatted in dd/mm.
    • Trialmembers can shorten their trial period by proving themselves useful/willing to help.

Information about the guild:
This guild called 'Nornen' was formed on 20/09/2007. Me (Nordri) and a friend (Psychoblade) formed this guild because we just thought its time to give it a try. I think after some beginning problems whithin the first months we (more I, Psychoblade left the server soon^^) were successful to some extent. The guild name (as well as my char names Nordri/Austri/Sudri/Vestri and Ymir) was chosen because i (as well as some guildmates too) like the Norse Mythology and it's the german word for the norse gods of fate ('Norns' in english) which suits a Midgard Guild very well.
All crafting professions already are in guild and at least one crafter of each profession has reached legendary levels.
Those will of course help you out with proper Equip, Spellcrafting and Potions for special-guildmate-price Wink
Our guild house is no. 2007 (Erlendr, Wyndham) - there we have 2 housevaults available for equipment to share with all guildies.
There already are some experienced members which will help newbies getting used to the game and explain the basics to them, help with questions or problems or even help you leveling. Smile

//last changes made on 18/02/2008
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