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 Prospective LGM Alchemist - Ymir (Nordri)

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Number of posts : 97
Age : 31
Chars : Nordri(darkRM), Austri(Paci), Ymir(Warrior), Metal Skald, Ucant SeeMe(Critblade), Aifur(supBD)
Registration date : 2008-01-13

Prospective LGM Alchemist - Ymir (Nordri) Empty
PostSubject: Prospective LGM Alchemist - Ymir (Nordri)   Prospective LGM Alchemist - Ymir (Nordri) Icon_minitimeThu Jan 17, 2008 4:18 pm

current level of skill: ~950

all procs/charges except for lvl 49, all dyes, poisons and pots except 'elixir of instant power/health/endurance'.
no lusters or reactive procs until now!

trophy potions, transmutative precipitants and costume pots are not implemented.

how to order? ->pm me ingame or order by email to

cya ingame Wink

Join the fun xD

>>>ain't got any live server experience so pls - dont judge me too hard ^^
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Prospective LGM Alchemist - Ymir (Nordri)
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