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 Stormterror Master Alchemist

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Chars : Stormterror - Coccolina - Stormetta - Stormina - Dottoressa
Registration date : 2008-01-16

PostSubject: Stormterror Master Alchemist   Thu Jan 17, 2008 4:04 am

Hi guys, i offer a free alchemy service for the guildmates. My Alchemist char, Stormterror, has 800-899 pts in alchemy skill and I hope to ding soon the 1000 pts Smile .

How to make a order.
I'll craft alchemy stuff only for order. There are two way for make an order. You can log ingame and check if Stormterror is online, then send me and take your order. You can also make an order without log ingame... just send a PM to me using this forum and I'll start your order when I have free time.

What You can order.
At the moment my alchemy skill has 850 pts, so u can order all stuff that required less than 850pts. For know what I can make click HERE.
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Stormterror Master Alchemist
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