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 Same order as Gunodd just made

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PostSubject: Same order as Gunodd just made   Sun Mar 02, 2008 7:36 pm

Set of 99% Adamantium Heavy Starkaskodd studded (lvl 36)

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PostSubject: Re: Same order as Gunodd just made   Sun Mar 02, 2008 11:18 pm

Quote :
   Armor                                    Markup     Retries      Retry Markup Price           
1. Adamantium Heavy Starkaskodd (1 qty) 0% 0 0% 777g 60s
Helm, 63g 76s 32c (43g 2s 72c + ) (2 retries for 20g 73s 60c + )
Hauberk, 263g 34s 72c (71g 84s 16c + ) (11 retries for 191g 50s 56c + )
Sleeves, 64g 28s 16c (28g 85s 76c + ) (5 retries for 35g 42s 40c + )
Gloves, 27g 73s 44c (14g 25s 60c + ) (4 retries for 13g 47s 84c + )
Leggings, 74g 13s 12c (43g 2s 72c + ) (3 retries for 31g 10s 40c + )
Boots, 20g 99s 52c (14g 25s 60c + ) (2 retries for 6g 73s 92c + )

Total Order: 777g 60s
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Same order as Gunodd just made
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